Highlight's packaging systems provide more solutions for more success. Stretch wrapping solutions include turntable, rotary arm, orbital ring, semi-automatic and automatic systems. Highlight's line of case formers, case sealers and strappers range from semi-automatic to fully automated.
Highlight is the world leader in stretch film testing equipment and monitoring technology. From smart machines, data collection and analyzing, cloud computing, and more, Highlight is on the front end of innovations and improvements to the packaging industry.
Highlight engineers and builds more custom systems than any other company. We will customize your systems to suit your products, your environment, and your budget, all while wrapping your loads as efficiently and as economically as possible.
Meeting your business needs.

Highlight will customize your system using a wide range of options available, giving you the features you need to optimize production.

The Stretch Tools App
Reconditioned & Rentals
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The Highlight Stretch Tools App is the world's first app dedicated to stretch film application! Brand new tools and formulas to give you and your customers better information, make you smarter, better looking, and more successful.
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